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Council Meeting Information During COVID-19

The Municipal Government Act (MGA) governs how municipalities operate and is one of the most significant and far-reaching statutes in Alberta. While the MGA provides the framework for municipalities to work within, the COVID-19 outbreak has presented unique operational challenges for local government operations.

The state of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on municipalities continues to change on a daily basis. As we navigate these challenging times together, Municipal Affairs will continue to support and provide regular updates addressing frequently asked questions and providing information on new tools as they become available. 

To assist municipalities in complying with legislative meeting requirements, the Meeting Procedures (COVID-19 Suppression) Regulation has been enacted. The regulation allows meetings to be held in a manner that supports social distancing recommendations from the Chief Medical Officer of Health. Municipalities now have flexibility when conducting meetings and public hearings by electronic means, navigating quorum challenges due to councillors in quarantine, as well as methods for providing information to the public.

See updated information about Municipal Governance during the COVID-19 pandemic by clicking this link.

Our Council Members

Mayor Andrew Prokop

Councillor Garth Bekkering

Councillor Jack Brewin

Councillor Carly Firth

Councillor Mark Garner

Councillor Joe Strojwas

Contact Information


See all upcoming dates for Council meetings on our main calendar.

  • 3:30 p.m.
  • Second and fourth Mondays of each month*
  • Town Council Chambers
    A - 4900 50 St.
    Taber, AB T1G 1T1

*Except for the months of July, August, and December when meetings are held only the third Mondays of each month. When a statutory holiday falls on a Monday, the Council meeting will be moved to the following Tuesday.

Agendas & Minutes

  • Agendas are available prior to the meetings.
  • Minutes are also available following approval.

Council Responsibilities

The Town of Taber Council fulfills the legislative function of the Town’s municipal government. The Council is responsible for establishing corporate policy and setting the strategic priority of Town staff for both short and long term goals.

Town Council is comprised of seven elected officials. The Council is made up of one chief elected official and six Councillors. The chief elected official, referred to as the Mayor, is elected by the eligible electors of the Town of Taber as a whole, pursuant to the Local Authorities Election Act, being Chapter L-27, Revised Statues of Alberta, 2000 and amendments thereto.

Learn more about the responsibilities of the Mayor and Councillors in the Town's Council Procedural Bylaw.

*Note: The Deputy Mayor position is an eight month rotation which will be filled based on the number of votes received in the applicable election.

The Role of Council

About Council Meetings

Meetings of Council are always open to the public, and consist of presentations, questions, reports, requests, and the consideration of recommendations from Administration. Members of Council use their regular meetings to deliberate, consider, debate, and make decisions on a myriad of topics. Items brought to Council vary, but common issues considered are bylaws, budgets, tenders, communications from Administration, funding requests, and public issues requiring a Council policy decision.

Regular meetings of Council are scheduled according to the Council's Procedural Bylaw, and are currently held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month, except for July, August, and December when one Council meeting shall be held on the third Monday. You can always access Council's meeting dates on our main calendar. Special meetings of Council can be called as Council sees fit, and will also be advertised on our main calendar.

Agendas are always provided for every Council meeting. The agenda for every Council meeting is prepared by Administrative Staff under the joint direction of the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer. The public are also welcome to access all agendas made available here.

The deadline for placing items on the agenda for a Council meeting is 12:00 Noon the Tuesday prior to the Monday on which the regular meeting is to be held.

Resolutions (which are the decisions voted on by Council) must be passed by a majority of Council in order to be approved. A majority of Council for the Town of Taber requires 4 out of the 7 members' votes, if all members of Council are present at the time of the vote. Each Council member has an equal vote.

Minutes of Council meetings are the official records made for Council meetings. Administrative staff write down the information discussed at a Council meeting and then create a document outlining the topics, discussions, and resolutions. These are the draft minutes. Those draft minutes of a Council meeting are then approved at a subsequent meeting of Council. Once they are approved by a resolution of Council, the minutes become official and are then kept in perpetuity by the municipality. All minutes are accessible to the public. You can find copies of Council minutes as early as 2011 here. For older Council minutes, please contact the Town Office and our staff will be happy to assist you in finding the minutes you would like to see.

Learn more about the functions of meetings of Council and the procedures during meetings in the Town of Taber's Council Procedural Bylaw.

Chief Administrative Officer

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is the top executive of the Town of Taber. The CAO is responsible for the supervision of the daily operations of the municipality through the direction of Council.

The CAO is the sole employee of Council, and all Administrative Staff are the employees of the CAO.

You can meet the Town's Chief Administrative Officer here, and see the organizational chart of the municipality here.