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  • About Taber

    • How can I work for the Town of Taber?

    • Where can I find out what's happening in Taber?

    • Where did Taber get its name?

  • Administrative Services

    • Can I speak at a Council meeting?

    • How can I volunteer for a Board, Commission, or Committee?

    • How do I submit an article or event to the Corn Husk Chronicles?

    • Where can I find the dates and times for Town of Taber meetings?

  • Mayor and Councillors

    • How do I address the mayor and councillors?

    • I have a complaint. Who do I talk to about my concerns?

    • Will the mayor send a congratulatory message for a milestone birthday or anniversary?

    • Will the mayor send a special events message?

    • Will the mayor speak at my event?