For information on ID requirements, the current listing of candidates, advanced voting, and more, click through the topics below.

List of Election Candidates

Does the Town list election platforms for candidates?
Where can I find election platforms?

When is Election Day?

Election day is Monday, October 18, 2021. Polls open at 10:00 AM and close at 8:00 PM at the Taber Community Centre (Auditorium).

What if I Can't Vote on Election Day?

Advance Voting Polls
Housebound Vote
Institutional Vote
Voters in Isolation due to COVID-19

What Voters Need to Know

Voter Identification
Voter Eligibility
Where to Vote
COVID-19 Precautions & Safety

Voter FAQs

Who are the candidates for the election?
I rent in Taber. Can I still vote?
I'm a new Canadian. Can I vote?
I'm out of Town on election day. What are my options?
Does the Town have a ward system?
Does Taber have a registered voter list?
How do you become a candidate?
How are ballots counted?
What are the rules for election signs?
Are candidates allowed to use the Town logo for campaign materials?

Election Forums & Debates

Please note that the Town does not conduct any forums or debates for municipal elections in order to remain a neutral party in the election. If a third party conducts an election forum, we will post the information here.