Police Public Complaints Director

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Dealing with Complaints - Public Complaints Director (PCD)

The Public Complaints Director’s role is intended to provide an additional avenue for the public to file a complaint about the service or policies of a police service and/or the conduct of police members and otherwise voice concerns they may have about policing in their community. The Public Complaints Director function is a key component in the oversight of law enforcement model in Alberta. This role is continually evolving to meet the needs of the public and challenges of policing stakeholders.

Role of the Public Complaints Director of the Taber Municipal Police Commission

  • The Public Complaints Director (PCD) receives complaints from the public on behalf of the Commission. The PCD is delegated the authority by the chair to receive complaints, liaise with the chief and perform other duties as on behalf of the Commission as per Section 28.1(3 (a,b)) of the Police Act.
  • Complaints are recorded in writing by the PCD and forwarded on behalf of the complainant to the police chief who decides if the complaint should be managed by the police service or the Commission as per Section 43(1,2) of the Police Act.
  • The PCD monitors the complaints process of the police service as per Section 24 of the Police Service Regulation including reviewing documents or attending disciplinary proceedings arising from public complaints.
  • The PCD reports monthly to the Commission.
  • The PCD attends meetings as coordinated by the provincial public complaints director as a representative of Alberta Solicitor General and Public Security.
  • The PCD consults with the FOIP coordinator with regard to file/record management including storage and destruction.


Harry Prummel

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