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The Taber Police Association serves to provide the men and women of the Taber Police Service with a collective voice in matters of mutual interest.

The Association is proud to work for the men and women of law enforcement in Taber. Through strategic alliances with the Alberta Federation of Police Associations and the Canadian Police Association, the Taber Police Association has a national voice in the affairs affecting policing.

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Role of the Taber Police Association

  • Acts as the primary collective bargaining unit under the Police Officers Collective Bargaining Act, to negotiate and administer collective agreements over wages and working conditions and to comply with the Act in terms of member representation that is not arbitrary, discriminatory or in bad faith.

  • To enhance the status of its members by bargaining for improved wages, working conditions and benefits;

  • To provide assistance to members investigated and/or charged in relation to disciplinary offences while engaged in their lawful duties as police officers 

  • To provide the membership with the highest quality of police association management and to build upon this objective through open communication, receptiveness and new ideas;

  • To work towards establishing a closer bond and encourage maximum cooperation in all matters of mutual interest between members of the Association;

  • To influence the criminal justice system by representing the interests of Association members and the citizens of Taber through lobbying efforts at the municipal, provincial and federal levels;

  • To foster an environment of integrity, trust and mutual respect between its members and the citizens of Taber.

In the community

The Taber Police Association is proud to be an active member in the community of Taber.

From tiny tots’ soccer to sponsoring golf and hockey tournaments, the Association prides itself on being a positive influence on the community. A highlight of the year is the Taber Police Association Ball which annually donates the proceeds to local youth initiatives, such as Taber Air Cadets, Taber High School bands, Taber Football and a playground at the Taber Women’s shelter all of which are recent recipients.

Many members of the Association are key leaders and mentors within the community in which they live; from Sports coaches to musicians. The members of the Taber Police Association are as diverse as the community they represent.