Citizens on Patrol

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About the Program

The Taber Citizens on Patrol was formed on May 3, 2002. Since that date, the patrol has been incorporated as a nonprofit society and is a member of the Alberta Citizens on Patrol Association.

Patrolling Designated Community Areas

Citizens on Patrol is a program through which dedicated community volunteers assist police by patrolling designated areas within the community to observe and report on suspected criminal activity. The volunteers have been described as acting as an extra set of eyes and ears that, as a result, also assists in the deterrence of crime.

Helping the Police to Focus on Other Priorities

As is the case with other programs such as auxiliary constables, the citizens are not meant to replace regular police officers, however, the program allows police to direct their focus toward other priorities.

Partnering Up on Patrol

In this program, two citizens partner up to patrol the community in their own vehicles. The volunteers are provided a duty bag containing flashlights, vests, notebooks, and radios used to communicate with Taber Police Service constables on duty.

Examples of Patrol Duties

Citizens on Patrol have been known to participate in a variety of ways and situations. On patrol one might be conducting surveillance in areas that have been or are likely to be targeted for vandalism and break and enter, or be on the lookout for impaired drivers and other suspects or suspicious persons.

Participants may be called upon by a constable to maintain continuity of a vehicle that has been seized or to keep an eye on a police vehicle that has been left in an unsafe area. You may be asked to assist members on duty at an accident scene or a variety of other duties.