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  • Police

    • Does a ticket impact my insurance?

    • Does someone review the photographs before motorists are ticketed?

    • How are photo radar enforcement sites selected?

    • How do I apply for employment?

    • How do I get photo radar to set up on my street?

    • How will I be notified of an offence?

    • If I plead guilty to a photo radar offence, will I receive demerits against my driver’s license?

    • If I receive a violation ticket, what are my options?

    • Is photo radar enforcement automatic or is it under operator control?

    • What community programs does Taber Police operate?

    • Where can I learn more about the work of the Taber Police Service?

    • Where can I pay for the ticket?

    • Where does the money from Automated Traffic Enforcement go?

    • Who provides the photo radar service in the Town of Taber?