Project Progress

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Trout Pond Overhead 2018

Check back often to this page to see details of what work has already been completed, and what construction is currently ongoing in the different phases for the Taber Trout Pond and West Trail Extension. The Town will update this page with the latest information as it comes available.

Accomplished Tasks

  • Fill the pond
  • Filter screen replaced
  • Gravel parking lot
  • Paved walkways/trail
  • Fencing installed along exterior perimeter
  • Swing gates installed on sections of pathway
  • Parking lot posts installed
  • Turf grass spraying
  • Launch area development

2018 Priority Tasks

  • Installation of Pipeline to link with Taber Irrigation District (also includes flow meter, vault and addressing intake area).
  • Development of Pathway to town which has several components including:
    • Crossing agreements
    • Right-of-way approvals
    • Approvals for highway crossing and associated requirements
    • Coordination with the proposed extension of 56th Avenue to Highway 864 including acquiring right-of-way and detailed designs for infrastructure
    • Surveying
    • Asphalt
  • Additional approved tasks:
    • Stock pond with fish in 2018
    • Benches and garbage cans installed - in progress
    • Park signage
    • Installation of dock
    • Addition of portable washrooms

Future Options

  • Development of campground road
  • Development of camp stalls
  • Fire pits for camp stalls
  • Picnic tables for camp sites
  • Signage upgraded for new development
  • Picnic tables
  • Sewer and water added to site
  • Permanent washrooms added
  • Addition of trees
  • Irrigation
  • Electricity/ lighting
  • Camp kitchens
  • Playground
  • Horseshoe courts

Trout Pond and West Trail Extension Project

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