The Town of Taber is committed to the continued support of community groups and their programs which benefit the citizens of Taber. To support this initiative, the Town of Taber has a Community Grants Program that serves to provide funding and waivers for community-based organizations for recreation, culture, or other activities.

How do I Apply?

Eligible applicants must submit an application and submit it to the Director of Recreation of the Town of Taber. The applications are then considered by the Taber Recreation Board for approval.

Access a fillable application form here.

The deadline for submissions is October 15th of each year in order to be considered for the next year (for example, submitting by October 15th, 2019 will cause your application to be considered for the 2020 budget year).

Who is Eligible?

Eligibility requirements are outlined in the Community Grants Program Procedure. Please make sure you are familiar with both the Policy and Procedure prior to submitting your application. 

Can Someone Help me with my Grant Application?

If you are looking for assistance, our Grants Coordinator may be able to assist. Please see further information here.