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  • Engineering & Public Works

    • Where do I report a problem with my road or sidewalk?

    • Who do I call if I have a problem with water, wastewater (sewer), or stormwater service?

    • Who do I call if I have a Public Works emergency after business hours?

  • Garbage and Recycling Initiative

    • Do I have to bag the waste in the carts?

    • Do I put my carts in the alley or on the front curb?

    • How many carts do I receive?

    • I have a business/commercial property. How am I affected?

    • I live in an apartment. How am I affected?

    • I'm moving. What do I do with my carts?

    • What happens when it snows?

    • What if I can't fit all of my waste in the carts?

    • What if my carts are stolen/go missing?

    • What is my collection day?

    • What is the Coupon Voucher System I've been hearing about?

    • What time of day do the carts have to be out for collection?

    • Where do I place the carts for collection?

    • Why did the Town replace garbage bins with rolling carts?

    • Will my carts blow over in the wind?

    • Will the carts begin to smell?

    • Will the Town still be offering the Tree Trimming Program?

  • Missed Collection for Waste Carts

    • My cart hasn't been picked up at its usual time. Is it missed?

    • My cart wasn't collected. Why?

    • What time is the cart collection period on my collection day?

    • When are my carts actually considered "missed?"