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Development permit: a document issued by a Development Authority that authorises the construction of a development, and includes the plans and applicable conditions of approval. The approval process guides ‘what’ goes ‘where’ on a property. A number of things don’t require a permit but must still adhere to the Land Use Bylaw.

Development Permit Type
What Type of Development Requires this Permit?
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Residential Dwelling/ suites/ accessory buildings

All new single or multi-unit residential dwellings, or additions to them.

All accessory uses on a residential property. This includes garages, decks, sheds, pools, etc.

 This also includes secondary suites. 

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Commercial / Industrial / Institutional

All new buildings (including accessory buildings), shipping containers, outdoor storage areas, storage tanks, and changes or intensifications of use.

this also includes secondary suites.

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All types of signs, including portable signs, and portable sign renewals.

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Home Occupations

You are required to fill out the Residential Application form as well as the home occupation sub page.

All types of home occupations.

Electronic Form 

Electronic Form

 Printable Form

Printable Form


All types of demolition, including infill demolitions.

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Driveways and Boulevards

All new or driveways, or additions to driveways, and any landscaping or planting within a boulevard.

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Building Permit - A building permit is issued by the Safety Codes Officer (Building Inspector) that authorizes construction. Building inspections are a legal requirement of the Safety Codes Act, ensuring that the construction meets the requirements of the Alberta Building Code.

Building permits are obtained through Superior Safety Codes. Applications for building permits can either be dropped off at the Town office, or submitted directly to Superior Safety Codes.

Building Permit Links:

Permit Application Fees

Development Permit fees can be found in the Taber Fee Bylaw.

Building Permit fees can be found here.

Other Applications


Other Types of Applicaitons For what Projects

Application for Appeal

Appealing a development decision

Request for Extension Form

Requesting an extension for development permit or subdivision application
Request for Amendment Form When you need to rezone a parcel of land


 Call Before You Dig

Always call Alberta One Call before you dig: 1-800-242-3447. For more information or to submit a locate request, visit Alberta One-Call.

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