Planning Legislation

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South Saskatchewan Regional Plan
The South Saskatchewan Regional Plan is an output of the Province's Land Use Framework and covers land within the South Saskatchewan River Basin including the cities of Calgary, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Airdrie and Brooks.
The Municipal Development Plan (MDP)
The Municipal Development Plan is the top-level planning document, which outlines a broad set of goal statements about the type, location, and standards of long-term development that is desired in Taber. It assists Council and the Town’s various approving authorities with achieving and maintaining orderly and efficient urban land use development and growth. The MDP includes discussion of a number of land issues – residential, commercial, industrial, parks, community facilities, coulee areas, transportation, and the downtown.
Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP)
The Intermunicipal Development Plan is between the Municipal District of Taber and the Town of Taber. Both the Provincial Land Use Policies and the Municipal Government Act encourage municipalities to create and adopt agreements on land use in the fringe areas of urban areas. The Municipal District and Town Councils recognize that there is a need to ensure that land use activity in the urban fringe does not unduly compromise long-term urban expansion and further that conflicts, with both rural agricultural pursuits and nearby urban development, are minimized.
Land Use Bylaw 14-2016 (LUB)
The Land Use Bylaw (LUB) is a technical document that implements the policies contained in the MDP. Most people who feel they have encountered 'red tape' with the development process have had experience with this well used and must needed document. The LUB regulates 'what' is put 'where' on any property - new homes, signage, fences, decks, garages, and commercial and industrial projects. The LUB also regulates change of land use (e.g. single - warehouse to office). Permit applications are made for most new building activity. The application is issued a 'development permit' if it meets the requirements of the applicable Land Use District.
Municipal Planning Commission (MPC)

The Subdivision and Development Authority is authorized to exercise subdivision and development powers and duties on behalf of the Municipality in accordance with administrative procedures and statutory plan policies.

The Development Authority for the Municipality shall be the Municipal Planning Commission, except in such instances whereby a Designated Officer has been authorized to approve development applications.

Meetings for this Commission are held in the Council Chambers in the Administration Building, located at A – 4900 50 St. Taber, AB. Meetings are held the 3rd Monday of each month at 1:30pm.

Current Members of the Development Authority (Municipal Planning Commission)

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB)

The Subdivision & Development Appeal Authority is authorized to render decisions on appeals resulting from decisions of the Subdivision Authority or the Development Authority in accordance with the Provincial Land Use Policies, the Subdivision and Development Regulations, the Land Use Bylaw and Statutory Plans.

Meetings for this Board are held in the Council Chambers in the Administration Building, located at A – 4900 50 St. Taber, AB. Meetings are held as often as required based on any appeals that are submitted.

Current Members of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board