The Town of Taber is pleased to offer services to assist with grant applications and donations and tax receipts for local non-profit organizations.

Our staff will be happy to provide your organization with the assistance you need in identifying and applying for potential grant funding for your organization. Please use the form below to get the process started, or use the contact information found on this page to reach us. The Town is also able to accept donations on your organization's behalf and issue tax receipts to donors. Please contact us today to see how we can assist your organization.

Please refer to the below frequently-asked questions prior to submitting your request for assistance.

Grant Application Assistance FAQs

Can any organization use these grant writing services?

Only non-profit organizations that are based in Taber and serve the Town of Taber are eligible for grant writing assistance. 

What kind of grants can I apply for?

Our staff will assist in finding the funding that best fits your project or service. We have the ability to search for a number of different grants, so please contact us to get the process started.

Will the grant writer do my entire application?

Our staff will collaborate with your organization to write the best application possible. Your organization will be involved in providing the correct information and collaborate on the application process alongside our staff.

Is there a deadline or timeline for requesting assistance with my grants?

It's better to contact us as early as possible so we have adequate time to prepare an application. As many grants are time-sensitive or awarded based on application order, please contact us as quickly as possible so we can maximize the potential for funding.

Is this the same thing as the Community Grant Program the Taber Recreation Board awards annually?

No, but our staff could help you apply for this grant as well. To find information on our Community Grant Program, please click this link.

Donations and Tax Receipts FAQs

How does the process work with the Town taking donations for my organization?

Please contact us for a more detailed explanation of how our process works. However, simply put, the Town of Taber is able to take donations on behalf of your organization, issue tax receipts to the donor, and then provide the funding to your organization.

What organizations can the Town accept donations for?

This service is intended for non-profit organizations that operate in Taber and serve the Town of Taber and who do not have charitable status. Organizations that already have charitable status are not eligible for this service as they are able to issue tax receipts of their own.

Does the Town keep any of the donated funds?

No, the donated funds belong to your organization. Your organization will receive the full amount of funds as was donated.

Will the Town help solicit donations on behalf of my organization?

No. The Town of Taber is able to offer tax receipts and a place for the public to donate the funds, but the Town will not solicit or advertise for donations on your organization's behalf. Your organization will still be responsible for advertising for your project, event, or initiative. 

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