The Town of Taber is working on the ability to offer residents the opportunity to retrofit their homes with clean energy technology to increase efficiency and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP) is designed to reduce those emissions through energy efficiency upgrades and scaling up the adoption of renewable energy technologies. 

The Town of Taber’s program may launch as early as 2023, pending funding approval, but you can get started by reading more about the application process now.

CEIP helps address the upfront cost barriers associated with energy efficiency and renewable upgrades. Residential property owners can access flexible financing from the Town of Taber to pay for eligible upgrades that increase energy efficiency or generate renewable energy, making spaces healthier and more comfortable. Commercial properties may be added to the program in subsequent years.

Local participation in the program is enabled through the Town of Taber’s Clean Energy Improvement Tax Bylaw. The Bylaw allows the Town to offer financing for eligible upgrades and recover costs by levying a Clean Energy Improvement Charge on the property where upgrades are installed. Participation in the program is voluntary for property owners.

What makes CEIP different from all other financing options available in the market is the Clean Energy Improvement Charge is tied to the property and not the property owner. If the property is sold, the new owner assumes responsibility for repayment, while also enjoying the benefits of the upgrade(s).    

Key Features 

  • Competitive interest rates and long repayment terms
  • Flexibility to repay the Clean Energy Improvement Charge at any time
  • Clean Energy Improvement Charge is tied to the property, not the property owner
  • If rebates and incentives (municipal, federal, or other) are available they can be used to reduce your project cost
  • Residential properties are eligible at this time

Types of Upgrades Available

  • HVAC control and heating (e.g., high efficiency furnace, air source heat pump)
  • Water heating (e.g., tankless natural gas water heater, drain water heat recovery)
  • Renewable and alternative energy (e.g., solar PV, combined heat, and power)
  • Doors, windows, insulation, and air sealing
  • Interior and Exterior lighting and lighting controls 

More information on the program, project eligibility, and the application process is available on