Genealogical Searches

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Taber Memorial Gardens Historic Photo courtesy of the Taber Irrigation Impact Museum
Photo courtesy of the Taber Irrigation Impact Museum

The Town of Taber holds the original records and registers pertaining to burials in the Taber Memorial Gardens and those who wish to conduct genealogical research may contact the Cemetery Department to discuss the records and schedule an appointment for viewing.

Find a Grave Location

To find the location of a person interred within in the Taber Memorial Gardens, please click here.

You are able to search by name, date of internment, and veteran status*.

Our locations are identified by Row-Block-Plot-Grave (for example: Row J, Block 9, Plot 5, Grave 1). The Rows and Blocks are identified in the cemetery by permanent row markers.

*Please note that our records may not indicate if someone was a veteran if we were not notified at the time of burial. If you know of someone interred in the Taber Memorial Gardens that is a veteran and they are not marked as such, please contact us so we may update the records.

The Town of Taber makes no guarantee of accuracy. Our records are historic, and so historic inaccuracies may have occurred over time. If you notice an error in the database, please contact us and we will be happy to assist. Some records may not appear in the database if requested to remain private by the family. 

Additional Resources

The following are additional resources that you may find useful for genealogical searches and research. Please note that links are not necessarily endorsements, and information found may not be completely correct.

The Find a Grave website provides a list of many of the interments in the Taber Memorial Gardens. Compiled by volunteers, the site contains pictures of a majority of headstones found within the Taber Memorial Gardens.

You may also wish to contact the Lethbridge Chapter of the Alberta Genealogical Society or the Taber and District Irrigation Museum for assistance searching for information on former residents of Taber and the surrounding area.

Please note that our records are subject to the Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act and as such, records of burials that occurred less than 25 years ago are not accessible to anyone other than immediate family (some exceptions apply).

For Appointments & Questions:

We request making an appointment in advance:

Taber Memorial Gardens
C/O Town of Taber
A-4900 50 St
Taber AB T1G 1T1

Telephone: 403-223-5500 ext. 5515
Fax: 403-223-5530