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Trout Pond and West Trail Extension Project
Proposed Trout Pond Area Design
A proposed site plan which includes all the phases up to Phase V.

Watch the Project Unfold!

Want to watch the project unfold as the phases are completed? The Town will post pictures to this gallery as they come available, so check back often to see the progress of the project!

Prefer to read about what's currently going on in the project area? Click here to be taken to our Project Progress page. We'll be updating current and ongoing work as it happens, so make sure you keep up-to-date!

About the Project

The Trout Pond and West Trail Extension project is an effort between the Town and a number of organizations to revitalize and restock the old trout pond west of Taber. The pond used to be an area where residents and visitors could enjoy the local landscape and catch a few fish. The Town of Taber decided in 2017 that this project would provide an added recreational venue to our area, where people could catch fish, use non-motorized boats on the pond, camp, and enjoy kilometers of walking trails. Therefore, the decision was made to begin construction on the project in a number of phases.

Breaking the project into phases allows the Town to make the endeavor fiscally responsible by allowing us to apply for grants that are specific to each phase. 

You can find important information on this project below, and updates will be added as they come available. 

Want to See the Proposed Design in Full?

If you want to see the proposed design in full (up to Phase V), click this link to be redirected.

Please note that this design is a draft only and is subject to change at any time. 

Corporate Partner with Alberta Conservation Association

A Thank You to our Partners

The Town of Taber would like to thank the following for their support and partnership with this project:

The Town would also like to acknowledge the generous donation from the estate of William Ferguson, a portion of which has been used in this project. 


Phase I

For Phase I, the following items are planned for construction:

  • Fill the pond
  • Filter screen replaced
  • Stock pond with fish in 2018 (stocking will be free for the first year, thanks to Alberta Conservation. Subsequent years the Town will assume the yearly cost to restock)
  • Benches
  • Garbage cans
  • Park sign
  • Gravel parking lot and paved walkways
  • Recreational launch area
  • Fencing

There will be over 3 kilometers of walking trail around the pond.

Status of Phase: Construction currently ongoing; pond to be stocked in 2018

Construction starting on the Trout Pond

Phase II

Phase II sees more being done on the foliage, irrigation, and security of the site.

The following are planned for this phase:

  • Irrigation for the site (approximately 2 irrigation pumps and associated pipes)
  • Approximately 1000 trees to be planted
  • Electricity to site for lighting around parking lots and paths
  • Dock area

Status of Phase: Pending funding and the completion of Phase I.


Phase III

Construction in this Phase will see additional services added in addition to more trees for shade and shelter.

In this stage, proposed changes are as follows:

  • Sewer and water added to site
  • Washrooms added
  • Picnic tables placed
  • Approximately 500 more trees added

Status of Phase: Pending funding and the completion of Phase II.


Phase IV

Phase IV focuses on more of the recreational aspects of this project, including infrastructure for all ages.

The anticipated projects in this phase include:

  • Camp kitchens
  • Playground
  • Horse shoes courts 
  • More picnic tables added
  • Approximately 500 more trees added

Status of Phase: 
Pending funding and the completion of Phase III.


Phase V

Furthering the intention for this area to be a multi-functional recreation area, Phase V sees additional infrastructure to support this goal.

Proposed changes in this phase are the following:

  • Campground for RV stalls added
  • Picnic tables for each campsite 
  • Approximately 500 more trees to be added

Status of Phase: 
Pending funding and the completion of Phase IV.