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What is a subdivision?
 A subdivision is a process of dividing a parcel of land into two or more parcels. This gives each parcel its own legal title. If a development application proposes to include a subdivision, a tentative plan of subdivision must be provided to the Development Authority.

When is Subdivision Approval needed?

- When creating lots for a new development
- when creating separate land titles for each unit of a duplex or row house.
- When creating separate land titles for each dwelling on a single property.
- When joining properties, or pieces of properties together under one land title. 

When applying for a subdivision please submit the following:

- A subdivision application form
- A certificate of title
- A tentative plan of subdivision

Subdivision Forms (Downloadable PDF):

  • Subdivision Application Form  
  • Subdivision Appeal Application Form    
  • Request for Extension Form
  • Fees:

    Subdivision Fee:
    $600.00 plus $250.00 per additional lot

    Condominium conversion fee: $40.00 / unit

    Endorsement Fee: $250.00/ lot

    Subdivision Extension Fee: $250.00

    Subdivision and Development Appeal Hearing Fees: $350.00 ($150.00 is refunded if appeal is upheld)

    Initial CCC/FAC Inspection: $2000.00 plus $300.00/hectare

    CCC inspection (when more than one is required): $250.00 / inspection (first one is free)

    FAC Inspection (when more than one is required): $250.00/inspection (first one free)

    For any questions regarding subdivisions please contact:

    Emily Hembrough
    Planning & Economic Development Clerk
    Phone: 403-223-6009

    Subdivision process pic.JPG