Booking a Facility

Please NOTE: Effective July 17, 2023 there has been a change in days/times as to when bookings can be made.

A number of Town facilities may be booked by contacting facility-booking staff at the Aquafun Centre reception area in person from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.mMonday through Friday only. Facility booking staff will confirm bookings once the following information has been provided by the user group:

  • Name of organization (if applicable)
  • Contact person
  • Phone and/or fax numbers
  • Mailing address
  • Specific dates and times required for the event including set-up and clean-up times
  • Facility rental fee payment
  • Signature on contract

First-Come, First-Served

Assuming the above information is provided, the booking will be confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis. It is the user group’s responsibility to book the facility for their event (i.e. block bookings or annual bookings in particular must book the rooms each day / year). Booking staff will not assume to know the facility is required unless contacted directly by the user group.

Signing the Contract

Once facility-booking staff are provided with the information and payment has been made, two copies of the facility contract will be provided to the contact person. The contact of the user group is required to sign the facility booking and return it to the Aquafun Centre.

Cancellation Policy

To avoid the cancellation penalty (35% of the entire booking rental fee), notice must be given at least seven days prior to the rental start time. There is a $10 service charge applied on all refunds requested by an individual / group (this fee is not applicable for account credits).

Note: If a refund is requested, two weeks are required for processing.

Facility Booking Application Form

If you're ready to book, please give us a call or visit the Aquafun Centre and we will have you fill out our  Facility Booking Application. Our booking staff can help answer all your questions and will make booking easy.


Each facility has a different fee structure, and our booking staff will be happy to tell you the costs if you contact them. Our fees are set out in the Town of Taber Fee Bylaw.

Available Facilities for Rent

The following Town facilities are available to rent. Fees for rentals depends on the space and the duration of your booking; please contact us for more information on rental fees. If you wish to book any of our facilities, please contact our Recreation Department using the contact information on this page.

If you are throwing a special event, please note that you may require a Special Event Application as well. Our Recreation Staff will be happy to assist you with the booking process, every step of the way!

Special Events Application and Permits

Are you planning a special event? To ensure that the Town of Taber is aware of events and their possible impacts, it may be necessary to complete a Special Event Application or obtain permits. Providing information to the Town within the application helps to ensure that organizers have made the proper arrangements for a safe and successful event.

A special event is any event or celebration that occurs that can be reasonably expected to impact the community and require services beyond those which are normally provided by the Town of Taber.

If you have questions about whether your event needs a Special Event Application or not, please contact our Recreation Department staff and they will be happy to help!

To access the Special Events Application or for more information on the application or permits, please click here.