Bid and Vendor Information

The Procurement department is responsible for the management and oversight of procurement throughout the Town.

As such, all procurement events are subject to the following trade agreements:

How to do Business with the Town of Taber

Bid opportunities can be accessed through our procurement platform. Click the link below to be taken to our site:

The Town is also required to advertise bid opportunities on an interprovincial website, Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC), when the expected value of purchase is:

  • $75,000 or greater for Goods and/or Services; and,
  • $200,000 or greater for Construction

Equipment Surplus Sales & Auctions

Perhaps you are looking for equipment the Town of Taber is currently auctioning or selling?

If you are interested in buying/bidding on excess equipment the Town of Taber is selling, please see the below links for our current listings. Please note that equipment is subject to availability.