Are you interested in operating a food truck (Mobile Cooking Operation) within the Town of Taber? Have questions about licensing, inspections, and where food trucks are allowed to operate?

Check out our FAQs below for more information. Please contact our departments for more information; we will be happy to help!

Food trucks guideline document

Food Truck FAQs

What is a food truck (also called Mobile Cooking Operations [MCO])?

Fire Standata #19-FCI-006 (available online) defines a Food Establishment as a premises where food that is intended for consumption by the public is served, offered for sale, displayed, processes, packaged, stored or handled.

In fire and building code, food trucks, also called Mobile Cooking Operations (MCO) but are not limited to only cooking, are defined as “when stationary and used to produce, cook, sell and/or distribute food”. This interpretation applies to ALL portable/temporary food service and cooking equipment including but not limited to food truck, vending truck, chip truck, burger wagon, doughnut shack, mobile/portable food vending unit, hotdog cart and other MCO uses in Alberta.

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  • I am considering purchasing or building a food truck, what are some of the things I should know/do?

  • Do I need a business license to operate an MCO (food truck) within the Town of Taber town limits?

  • Is a fire inspection required?

  • What other approvals will I need to operate a food truck in Taber?

  • Do all municipalities have the same requirements for food trucks?

  • Where are food trucks allowed to park in Taber?

  • What events can food trucks be part of in Taber?