Quality of Life

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Whether you are looking for a vibrant town to call home or a location for your business, Taber is a community with much to offer. An agricultural and food processing hub that is rich in natural resources like oil and gas, fertile soil and water and highly-developed infrastructure and business services, Taber has a great deal to offer business of any size. Taber also offers a highly skilled workforce uncommon for a community of its size. As for lifestyle, Taber is a safe and caring community with excellent K-12 schools and health care, a temperate climate, access to state-of-the-art sports and recreation facilities and an active arts and culture scene. Taber truly is an ideal place to call home. 

Standard of Living

Taber offers the affordability, charm and security of a small community as well as an abundance of recreational facilities for people and families of all ages. 

In terms of housing, residents have a wide variety of options to consider. Choose a heritage-rich home in a developed neighborhood or select a modern architectural style in one of Taber's newly developed communities. For people who prefer to rent, there are also affordable single-family dwellings, condos and apartment complexes to choose from. Housing prices and property taxes are significantly lower in Taber than comparable communities. 

Festivals and Events

Taber's festival scene involves carnivals, entertainment, car shows, fireworks, pheasants, shopping, Santa, and of course, the world-famous Taber Corn! READ MORE

Recreational Facilities 

Taber offers a variety of high quality recreational facilities and amenities for all ages, including pools, parks, playgrounds and sports fields dotted throughout town.  READ MORE

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