Come Grow in Taber!

Following legalization of cannabis in Canada in 2018 there is now a huge opportunity for businesses involved in the cultivation of cannabis to supply the recreational and medicinal cannabis market across the country. The Town of Taber has the regulatory framework and ideal conditions to facilitate and encourage businesses ranging from large-scale production to micro-cultivation. Continue reading below to understand the requirements and why Taber is perfect place to Grow!  

Why Taber?

  • Water - Cannabis production can require a lot of water and Taber has all the water you’ll need! With extensive irrigation systems in the region and the Town’s existing water right agreements we can meet the high demands for water in our Eureka Industrial Park 
  • Land – The Eureka Industrial Park has 100+ acres of fully serviced industrial land ready for development now and we can custom size a lot to fit your exact needs. Taber’s industrial land is competitively priced with the ability to negotiate the sale price directly with the Town.
  • Sunlight – You won’t find more sunlight almost anywhere in Canada! The region boasts some of the highest heat units/day in Canada, so it’s perfect for greenhouses filled with cannabis plants.
  • Workforce – Taber is an industrial-agriculture based town. Agriculture and Oil & Gas are the backbones of our economy and as such, the workforce here is skilled, young, and talented. You can find out more about the workforce in Taber on Taber's Townfolio profile