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We have been requesting businesses post their jobs on Canada Job Bank, but in hearing from you, there can be significant delays in setting this up.  We are still recommending Canada Job Bank; however, we will also have a webpage on the Taber website that we can post the links to all available jobs.  Simply send your job posting link to immigration@taber.ca and we will ensure to add the link to that page as well.

The job position must meet certain criteria to be eligible for the program. Those requirements can be found on the Alberta website. Part of those requirements are that the job offer meets the minimum wage/benefit package as outlined on ALIS, or if your employer has obtained a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) for your occupation; the wages and benefits must meet or exceed the requirements set out in your LMIA.


Once you have selected a suitable candidate who meets the worker requirements set out by the province (https://www.alberta.ca/aaip-rural-renewal-stream-eligibility.aspx), you can submit the attached form with the job offer details to immigration@taber.ca.  Please review the job offer form, attached below. This information will be reviewed by the AAIP Committee, who will issue approvals when the candidate is found to be in alignment with the program.  At this point, the Town of Taber will be able to complete the Community Support Letter for the Candidate.

Employer Application for Candidate - AAIP

The candidate will then submit their job offer (signed by the employer) and the community support letter to the AAIP Portal (Provincial Website) along with all their required information.


We all understand that housing needs will be specific to each individual or family arriving. The town is actively working on rental properties and have subdivisions ready to build or move pre-built homes on to.  However, it is up to the candidate and partly the employer's responsibility to ensure that the candidate and their families have somewhere to live, even temporarily, in the first few months, and are able to secure something long term.  There are other considerations as well (such as initial groceries, transport to Taber, furniture, winter coats, etc) that we will be partnering with the employers to ensure the candidates and their families are warmly welcomed into the community.


Please send all information to immigration@taber.ca