Rural Renewal Stream

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The Rural Renewal Stream offers eligible workers an opportunity to relocate and work in The Town Taber, The MD of Taber, Lethbridge County, Vauxhall, Picture Butte, Coaldale, Raymond, Cardston, and the Town of Milk River, as a Provincial Nominee, with support from the community to receive permanent residency. Provincial Nominees will fill labor shortages that local business owners are experiencing. The Rural Renewal Stream will expand our workforce and promote economic stability and growth in our rural communities.

Please use the form located on our pages or email for specific information on how to apply for Rural Renewal. At this point you will also be provided with the appropriate forms, which will need to be filled out and submitted with your application.

Employer Eligibility

Employers that wish to fill workforce gaps using the Rural Renewal Stream must meet a series of criteria, as well as demonstrate that the job offer is a genuine offer of employment in an eligible occupation.

Employers must be incorporated, or registered by or under, an act of the legislature of a province, territory, or the Parliament of Canada and operating as a business that has an established production capability, plant or place of business within The Town of Taber, MD of Taber, Vauxhall, Coaldale and Picture Butte.

Job offers or contracts must be signed by the employee and employer, and must offer:
- continuous, paid work in the designated area (not in a ‘virtual’ location by telecommuting from a location outside the designation), 
- full-time work, defined as a minimum of 30 hours per week, 
- employment for 12 months or more, and
- wages and benefits that meet or exceed the lowest starting wage for your occupation across all industries in Alberta.

Job Opportunities must be available to Canadians first, at the same pay and working conditions. Although most occupations under National Occupational Classification (TEER) skill levels 1,2,3,4 or 5 are eligible under the AAIP, there are some ineligible occupations which can be found on the RRS eligibility page.

*Employers may NOT request payment from a candidate to participate in this program or reimbursement for recruitment-related fees. Employers may NOT request more time than the one year commitment or the time it takes for the employee to receive their permanent residency.


Once the employer has selected a suitable candidate who meets the worker requirements set out by the province (, the employer can submit the attached form with the signed job offer, and the employer application (see below) to  When these documents are submitted together with the applicable applicant documents, the application will be reviewed by the AAIP Committee. The committee will endorse a candidate when the candidate is found to be in alignment with the program.  At this point, the Town of Taber will be able to complete the Community Support Letter for the Candidate.

Employer Application for Candidate - AAIP

Rural Renewal Stream - Document Checklist

Housing and Necessities  We all understand that housing needs will be specific to each individual or family arriving. The town is actively working on rental properties and have subdivisions ready to build or move pre-built homes on to.  However, it is up to the candidate and partly the employer's responsibility to ensure that the candidate and their families have somewhere to live, even temporarily, in the first few months, and are able to secure something long term.  There are other considerations as well (such as initial groceries, transport to Taber, furniture, winter coats, etc.). We will be partnering with the employers to ensure the candidates and their families are warmly welcomed into the community.

Applicant Eligibility

Applicants that wish to live and work in the Town of Taber and our designated areas, must meet a series of criteria, receive a bona fide offer from an eligible employer, get endorsed by the The Town of Taber, and apply using the online, Alberta Advantage Immigration Program, portal.

Prior to applying for an employment opportunity, candidates are encouraged to review, understand and ensure they meet all eligibility requirements under the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program. There are requirements for Work Experience, Education, Language, Financial Security, etc. and those that do not meet the eligibility will not progress through the program. Candidates that are currently living in Canada are only eligible if they have legal status in Canada.

Once a candidate is confident they meet the eligibility requirements, they may apply for employment. 

Once you receive a bona fide job offer from an employer, your employer, yourself or an immigration consultant may present the the application to the Town of Taber AAIP Committee. The Committee will review the job offer and prioritize candidates for endorsement who are most likely to successfully settle and remain residing in the designated community. It is the discretion of the committee as to which applicants are endorsed by the community. The committee may limit the number of applications by NOC(2021) group or occupation, or by employer. If the committee determines you will be successful in all aspects of the program you will receive a letter of support

Upon receiving an Endorsement of Candidate letter from The Town of Taber & designated areas, the candidate can then submit their application through the AAIP Portal. There is a non-refundable, $500 application fee for this stream. Please ensure that you qualify. A Community Endorsement of Candidate Letter, does not guarantee that you will get a Provincial Nomination. The application will be reviewed and the candidate will be notified by the Government of Alberta if they are eligible for nomination. At the time your application is submitted and at the time the AAIP assesses your application, you must intend to and be able to work, reside, and settle in The Town of Taber or designated areas.


After you are nominated Your nomination is only valid for 6 months; you must apply to IRCC for permanent residency before it expires or you must apply to get your AAIP nomination extended. The sooner you apply for permanent residency the sooner you can get an Acknowledgement of Receipt of your application from IRCC, and your IRCC file number. Your Acknowledgement of Receipt and IRCC file number are very important if you need to apply for a work permit or extend your work permit.