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Council Approves Tax and Utility Payment Changes for COVID-19

Post Date:05/14/2020 11:00 AM
Following their May 11, 2020 meeting, Council has approved changes to how utility payments and 2020 taxes will be collected in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the hardships many are facing.


The due date for 2020 property taxes has been extended, meaning citizens have until September 30th, 2020 to pay for their taxes.

The 6% penalty for late tax payments will also be deferred until after the new September 30th deadline, being applied on October 1st and November 1st, 2020.

Citizens on the Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP) will see no changes to their agreed-upon payments unless they make other arrangements by calling the Town of Taber Finance Department at 403-223-5500.

The 2020 tax notices are anticipated to be sent by early June.


Town Utility customers can defer payments if they choose and will not be charged penalties for the billing months of July, August, and September 2020. 

Utility bills must still be paid, but customers will have 3 months (from November 1st, 2020 to January 31, 2021) to catch up on deferred balances without penalty.

Utility arrears for the July, August and September 2020 billing months will not be transferred to taxes.

Penalties of 2% will be reinstated for the October 2020 billing (to be applied December 1st) for new balances only.

Automatic payments for utility accounts will continue unless the account holder makes other arrangements with the Town of Taber Finance Department.

Residents do not need to phone the Town of Taber if they choose to defer their tax or utility payments for the months noted above (unless they are on TIPP or pre-authorized payment plans). Town Staff will assume a deferral has been chosen if the payment is not received by the typical deadline.

Residents are encouraged to pay their utility and tax bills without deferral if they are able to. Deferrals of payments are completely voluntary and at the resident’s discretion. 

Information about deferrals will also be included with utility bills and tax notices. For more information, you can also visit here or contact the Town Office at 403-223-5500.


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