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Fire Code & Bylaw
Do I need to get a fire permit to burn?

Town of Taber, commercial burn permits are issued at the discretion of the Fire Chief. Application must be made in person at the fire hall at 6201 54th Avenue. Recreational fire pits are allowed without a permit number in the Town of Taber and must follow bylaw requirements (see below).

I live in town and would like a backyard fire pit. What do I do?
Fire pits are classified as recreational fires. Permissible fire pits under the Bylaw have the following characteristics; 
  • Supervised by a person 18 years of age or older, burning only clean dry wood
  • 10’ (3.048 m) away from any property line or structure
  • Constructed of noncombustible material on a noncombustible base
  • Covered with a ¼” (6mm) max. metal mesh grate

How do I buy/sell/set off fireworks?
Fireworks are restricted by the Alberta Fire Code. Fire department permission is required for all fireworks transactions and displays.

I moved into a basement suite, the windows are too small and there are no smoke alarms. Is this right?
Secondary suites existing prior to December 31, 2006 must conform to Alberta Fire Code requirements. Adequate bedroom window sizes are required, smoke alarms must be hard wired and interconnected in suites, and exits must be protected. There is no “grandfather clause,” suites not meeting these requirements must be upgraded.

I heard houses must be placed further apart in Taber, may not have any windows in the sideyard, or must be sprinklered . Why is this a problem now?
In 2007 the Alberta Government investigated an increasing concern over fires which were difficult to control and spanned multiple properties. Identified factors included the rapid heat release rates of modern materials in houses, and the diminished capacity of exterior finish materials on houses to heat from adjacent properties. In 2009 legislation was introduced to address these factors. The response time for Taber Emergency Services exceeds the allowable specified for minimum sideyard setbacks for typical residential construction. Due to this, future Taber subdivisions may look “roomier” than subdivisions in Calgary or Lethbridge, and/or the houses may have additional features.

Does Taber do regular fire inspections of all places?
As part of Taber’s accreditation under the Safety Codes Act, fire inspections are performed upon complaint or by request. Typically this is done for liquor licenses or daycare providers. Where there is a public safety issue or obvious violation the inspector may initiate the inspection.