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Utility Rates 2013 | Landfill Rates 2012 

Taber residents enjoy high quality drinking water. Raw, untreated water is also available within the town, primarily for the major food processing industries, irrigation of the golf course and other green areas. The abundance of the clean water supply has supported Taber’s economy, primarily the food processing industry. Taber’s water supply originates from the Chin Reservoir & Barnwell Reservoir and is delivered to the Town by means of a gravity main and irrigation canals respectively.

In 1998, the town added a pre-treatment D.A.F. (Dissolved Air Floatation) system which enables the water plant to reach full design capacity. Trunk facilities have been recently expanded to service residential growth west and north of Taber. A further expansion of servicing is planned to accommodate industrial development north of 64th Avenue. As the town continues to grow, updated engineering reports are commissioned to ensure the efficiency of the existing system and to plan for future expansions.

Effective February 1, 2008 EPCOR Water Services began operating Taber's water treatment and distribution system.

Waste and Storm Water

The Town’s RBC (Rotating Biological Contractor) sewage treatment plant was constructed in the early 1980’s and is sized for a population of 18,000. The plant is located in the extreme northerly portion of the Town.

The Town also operates an industrial aerated lagoon plant for industrial effluent. Treated effluent can be diverted to the lagoon system to supply the irrigation system for five-quarter sections of farmland.

The Town of Taber completed a wastewater management review in 2002 with further steps to be undertaken to assure the Town’s ability to manage wastewater into the future.


The town’s sanitary landfill site is located just west of the town boundary. The landfill was officially closed in 1999 when a regional transfer station was opened to accept solid waste for transfer to another location.

Town residents are provided with bin receptacles and a weekly pickup service. More frequent pickups are offered in the industrial and commercial areas. An extensive recycling program in Taber allows residents to drop off their recyclables 24 hours per day. There are three different locations for recyclables and two locations for compost in the town.