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Selection Process Summary
A Multi-Month, Competitive Process
The Taber Police Service selection process is an open competition that results in the best candidates being offered employment. Commencing with the written examination, the usual duration of the selection process is several months. Be aware that all phases of selection are competitive processes. Applicants are not only competing against the minimum standards but also against every applicant in the process.

Stages of the Selection Process
Advancement through the selection process is dependent upon successfully completing each stage. Your qualifications and test scores will be examined and measured against the scores of all other applicants in the process to judge your overall competitiveness for selection.
  • Application review - Applications are reviewed to ensure candidates meet the basic requirements.
  • Cognitive abilities examination - Candidates will be required to participate in a two-hour job related examination.
  • Writing skills appraisal - Candidates are asked to compose an essay of approximately 500 words. One hour is allowed for this exercise.
  • Physical fitness appraisal - A high standard of physical fitness is required for employment with the Taber Police Service. Candidates must successfully complete the Physical Ability Requirement Evaluation (PARE)
  • Initial interview - Candidates will be selected for an initial interview.
  • Polygraph interview / psychological evaluation - Candidates participate in a polygraph interview and a psychological evaluation and will not be deferred solely on the results of either test.
  • Background investigation - A comprehensive background investigation will be conducted on a competitive basis.
  • Medical examination - Candidates undergo a thorough medical examination.

Please note: As the Taber Police Service partners with various other police agencies in the testing of candidates, the order in which exams, tests, and interviews are conducted may vary.

At each stage, successful applicants will be advised by phone of their standing. A letter will be forwarded advising those who are not deemed suitable.

Travel Costs
Travel costs to have testing completed will be the responsibility of the individual applicant. The Taber Police Service will cover the costs of the polygraph and psychological examinations only.

Recent Testing & Fees
At the discretion of the Taber Police Service, any applicant who has undergone similar testing as part of an application to another police department within the last six months may have that requirement and/or the administrative fee waived.