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Useful to Both Municipal & Provincial Governments
The census is an official count of the number of people living in our community. As the Town of Taber continues to grow, municipal census data is useful to both municipal and provincial governments. The count reflects the growth of the town and assists different departments in planning for the needs of our citizens.

Decisions regarding future municipal services are based to a large extent on statistics on population growth collected in the municipal census. Much of the grant funding received from the province is awarded on a per capita basis and a census count ensures that maximum grants are being received.

Census Results 2011
The results of the 2011 Census are:  Taber's population is 8,104 persons, with an approximate trading area of 24,000 people. The number of households that were enumerated in the 2011 municipal census were 3,279. The 2006 to 2011 population change was 6.8%.  For more details, please visit the Statistics Canada website.