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Assessment Appeals


If you believe your assessment is not fair in relation to similar properties or if you suspect an error, please contact Benchmark Assessment Consultants at 403-381-0535.

You may file a complaint to be heard by the Assessment Review Board. Complaint forms and Agent authorization forms are available at the Town of Taber administration office or online at: http://www.municipalaffairs.alberta.ca/documents/as/LGS1402.pdf.

Complaint forms must be in on or before the final date of complaint shown on the front  of your Tax/Assessment notice:

ARB Clerk
c/o Town of Taber
A- 4900 50 Street
Taber, AB    TlG 1T1

Accompanying a complaint form must be the correct fee as set out below:

Property Assessment Appeals

Assessment Range/Type

Fee Per Property

Properties with residential Mill Rate


All other properties

$0.00 - $249.999.00


$250,000.00  - $999.999.00


$ l ,000.000 .00  +


If the Assessment Review Board makes a decision in favour of the complainant, the fee will be refunded.

An assessed person is entitled to see or receive sufficient information about the person's property in accordance with section 299 of the Act or a summary of an assessment in accordance with section 300 of the Act, or both.

An appeal against your assessment property value does not exempt you from paying taxes on time or from late payment penalties.