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Chief’s Message
A message from the Chief of Police, Alf Rudd

Success is achieved by setting goals and achieving them - the true victory is in the ‘getting there’. I enjoy my work as the Chief of Police in Taber having done so since 2009. I have seen much transition in policing over the past four decades and am proud to have been in a position to initiate and give effect to many changes. One of the major shifts was in response to this age of public scrutiny and it pleases me to say that the Taber police embrace accountability and transparency. We hope our openness has allowed the community a glimpse of what their police service is up against on a day to day basis. Our weekly report to the Taber Times and the report from the court activities serve to remind us all that we cannot let our guard down.

Policing is an honourable profession. As the Chief of Police in Taber I remind every serving officer that it is individual responsibility that maintains this honour not only by each officer refraining from misconduct, but by preventing it as well. I also remind the citizens of Taber that it is our duty to reduce crime and prevent disorder. We employ different strategies to get this done but on top of the list is enforcing the laws of the land with a firm and fair hand. An expectation of policing is to put a sharp edge on the standards of the community - we will not tolerate behaviours that you will not tolerate.

Our success is not measured in response times or other statistical reports, but rather the sense of safety that we enjoy in this town. The police accomplish this be being properly staffed, properly trained and properly supported. I know each of the Taber officers personally and am proud that they place themselves out in front because they believe they can make a difference. This is accomplished by the application of integrity, commitment, courage, compassion and respect, a respect that is applied to the community, the individual and the police service itself. As well as myself I expect that the officers and staff be responsible for the good reputation and high morale that the Taber Police Service enjoys.

Chief of Police
Alf Rudd