Taber, AB

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Taber, AB

  1. “The Town of Taber is recognized as being a local service centre to the agricultural and oil and gas industries. The residents of the town have a high quality of life due to the many arts and recreational amenities offered in the community. In addition, residents ensure Taber is supported and prosperous through many volunteer and community building activities.”

  2. How do you feel about the above vision statement? Do you feel the the vision statement accurately describes Taber?

  3. What do you like most about living in Taber?

  4. Why do you choose to live in Taber? (Please choose a maximum of three options)

  5. If you chose "Other", please descibe the reason here.

  6. What do you like least about living in Taber? What changes do you feel would positively impact the Town?

  7. Do you think any of the following are an issue in Taber? (Check one for each topic)

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Taber, AB

  1. Lower density means more infrastructure to construct and maintain which ultimately translates into higher taxes. What do you value more, less density and potentially higher taxes to maintain the infrastructure or increased density and less need to increase taxes to maintain infrastructure? Indicate your choice by choosing a radio button.

  2. Please provide an explanation of your choice.

  3. As indicated Taber houses about 1350 residents on approximately 6 quarters of land. Contemporary density rates are closer to 2000-2500 people per quarter. Should administration negotiate for higher density developments with developers?

  4. Taber also experiences a significant amount of lot splitting which translates to infill development. Should the town of Taber continue to support the practice of residential infill in established areas?

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Taber, AB

  1. Taber’s downtown area is experiencing challenges related to vacant buildings and lots, unsightly premises and a lack of vision for the future. However, there are number of tools at the municipality’s disposal to address this situation. The successful implementation of the processes requires dedicated leadership and a commitment to results. Administration is hoping to gauge how committed Taber should be with regards to implementing and committing to certain tools. A basic recipe for downtown revitalization involves the merchants organizing and supporting a Business Revitalization Zone and a design theme; engaging an organization like Community Futures to provide seed financial support; and the municipality creating the policy framework to support revitalization efforts. Given the above, Taber would like to solicit feedback on the extent Council and Administration should go to revitalize the downtown area.

  2. A fundamental aspect of downtown revitalization is the merchants and community selecting a design motif to strive for. The motif can be something specific like “all future buildings will be constructed or retrofitted under a Swiss Alps village theme”, or “all future buildings and retrofits will have at least 30 % stone finish on the facade” to something as minimal to “all buildings will be kept up in a clean and freshly maintained manner”. What do you think is a suitable design theme for downtown Taber? Why?

  3. Would you support the municipality getting tough with unsightly premises and/or abandoned buildings? For example; compelling land owners to remove abandoned and unusable buildings, compelling land owners to repair and/or update dilapidated buildings. Alternatively, the municipality could make suggestions to owners on upkeep.

  4. There are several downtown development plans attached to this survey. Of the previous planning endeavours for the downtown, what should be the highest priority for investment? Design aspects of the 2006 Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP), 2011 Entrance upgrades, 2010 Arts Plaza, or the 2011 Visitors Centre & Agricultural Interpretive Centre?

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Taber, AB

  1. Taber’s industrial area is a source of employment for Taber residents and a source of tax revenue for the municipality. As such, ensuring an industrial park which has the amenities required for business success is critical for the town. Initial interviews with businesses located in the industrial park have indicated key roads should be better maintained and some paved, the internet service requires upgrading, some competing businesses are operating outside their current development permits, and storm water drainage is an issue in some places. The following questions are meant to provide administration with targeted feedback so appropriate growth and development polices can be drafted.

  2. Should Taber investigate ways to facilitate upgrades to the internet service in the industrial park or let businesses contract with individual internet service providers to meet their own needs?

  3. What roads should get priority for upgrading?

  4. The town has industrial land for sale in the industrial park but has not been very successful in expanding the industrial base. What do you think is the issue here? How can Taber better attract industrial businesses?

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Taber, AB

  1. The current mix of land uses the Town of Taber utilizes to regulate different forms of development requires some amendment to keep up with the changing demands. This is most evident when we consider the commercial/industrial mix of land uses. There are not enough light industrial/highway commercial properties in town, and the land designated for retail uses outside of the downtown area is effectively weakening Taber’s downtown vibrancy. Through observations of Taber’s needs for land use and what the market is demanding, Administration is recommending the following changes: 1. Orient all retail commercial in and around the downtown core. 2. Allow for more opportunities for residential development in the downtown area and just north of the downtown area. 3. Provide increased opportunities for light industrial/highway commercial development around the Wal-mart area.

    Do you support the three changes described above?

  2. Can you offer suggestions where other land use amendments would have a benefit to local businesses and the town?

  3. Please rank in order of priority where you feel Taber’s commercial growth should occur. (rank 1-4 with 1 = should occur first, 4 should occur last)

  4. What types of facilities, services, businesses and industries would you like to see locate in the Town? Why?

  5. How significantly should the Town promote economic development (ie. Industrial)?

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Taber, AB

  1. Through initial conversations with the Steering Committee a number of opportunities to improve the aesthetics and usability of the open space in Taber have been identified. These items relate to temporary signage, street trees, and park development. The following questions will inform Administration with regard to the policy direction the town should take with regard to various open space matters.

  2. Temporary signage is a concern for some residents. Is there too much temporary signage in Taber?

  3. Are there areas of Taber where temporary billboard signs should be excluded?

  4. Should the town permit digital video display signs along Highway 3?

  5. Should the town consider planting more trees along the north side of the Highway #3 corridor?

  6. The town has a long-range plan to construct a sports complex called the Ken McDonald Memorial Sports Complex. What facilities should be included in the construction of the sports complex?

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Taber, AB

  1. This set of questions will proved the Town with a better understanding of the different needs of individuals and how different groups view Taber's future. Please be assured all responses will remain annonymous.

  2. Your Gender:

  3. Your age:

  4. How long have you lived in Taber?

  5. Please provide any additional comments you think would be useful in contributing to the future of Taber.

  6. Please include your name to be instantly qualified for a chance to win a $500 shopping spree redeemable at any participating Taber merchant.

  7. Please include your phone number so that we can contact you if you are the lucky winner.

  8. The Town of Taber would like to thank you for taking the time to respond to our Planning Public Consultation survey. Your input will help us make the optimum choices for future planning directions in Taber. Due date for the surveys to be returned to the Planning Department is September 30, 2013. If you have any questions please contact: Cory Armfelt or Jill Koroluk in the Planning and Economic Development Department Email- Email- 403-223-5500

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